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EVERYTHING WORKS! **PLEASE NOTE THIS LAPTOP HAS BLUE-TOOTH & BUILT-IN WEBCAM!** All components have been FULLY TESTED and are working properly including the keyboard, HDD, DRAM, battery & AC adapter. A licensed & activated version of MS Office Suite & MS Windows 10 operating system is included.



  • Dell Latitude E5430
  •  Intel Graphics 1600 x 900 Resolution
  •  Windows 10 Pro
  •  14-inch Display
  •  3rd Gen Intel i3 2.40GHz CPU
  •  6GB RAM
  •  Built-In WiFi
  •  Built-In Webcam

Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop

  • Dell Latitude E5430 i3, 320GB HDD, 6GB RAM, B-Tooth, HDMI, Win 10 Pro, MS Office

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