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Tech Support Network

Pre-Scheduled Walk-Ins Ready For Tech Service

Xpress PC Repair provides services to a broad customer base. Instead of establishing traditional brick & mortar locations, we have created a network of only the best tech service providers as part of our national authorized tech service group! The selection criteria is based on some general business requirements, but more importantly, this opportunity is available at absolutely NO INITIAL COST, PAY WHEN CLIENTS GET SERVICES! The requirements are as follows:

  1. Service providers must be willing to drop a Google pin at location.

  2. Clients generated via the XPC network must be booked online.

  3. All estimates are based on input from XPC and service provider. 

  4. Members must display XPC authorized provider logo at business. 

  5. Authorized service providers get a 60% split of service profits.

  6. Fund x-fers will be completed once client payments are received.

  7. Customer pricing and materials provided by XPC will also yield 60% split of service profits to provider.

If you are a tech service provider that is interested in client growth and market exposure to a nation-wide technical service group, then fill out the application here to become part of the TECHNICAL SERVICE NETWORK OF THE FUTURE!

Build More Clients. Apply Now!
Which services do you provide?

Congrats on applying for our service network! We'll get back to you soon.

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